Peter Weston

Principal Consultant and co-founder

Peter is the international development sector brains of the agency. He provides and coordinates the aid and development expertise, consultant networks and service delivery to clients. Peter is an evaluation expert with 20 years’ experience in international aid and development. His last seven years have focused on research and evaluation of diverse government-funded NGO grant projects in East and West Africa and the Pacific. Peter has worked and excelled on all sides of aid programming: leading and commissioning evaluations as well as managing aid programmes directly. Peter is also an experienced trainer of evaluators, proposal and project design writer, and manager of MEAL departments. In addition to being a professional who delivers excellence, he is a ‘true-believer’. Peter is committed to eliminating vulnerability and poverty by providing aid organisations the highest standards of evidence to inform their community development and advocacy.

Jenny Weston

Business Manager and co-founder

Jenny is the managerial brains of the agency. She oversees the long-term and day-to-day organisation of the operation, including finance, recruitment, contract management and administration. Prior to founding K4Dev, Jenny spent 17 years in administration, marketing and management in the manufacturing import/export sector.