K4Dev – Knowledge for Development

Evaluation and Learning Consultants

“People-centred, cost effective expertise for aid and development”

K4Dev is a new service provider that is built on 20 years’ experience in the international aid and development sector. We aim to tailor expert services and cost structures to suit the specific needs and parameters of clients:

  • iNGOs, small and large
  • Managing contractors
  • Governmental agencies

Our Commitment

K4Dev will:

Deliver high quality, credible research and reporting

Operate and communicate with transparency and integrity at every step

Respect and value participants, beneficiaries and communities that your projects serve

Invest in your people

Respect and honour the culture and spirituality of the communities you serve and in your own organisation

Responsibly minimise the cost of our service for your organisation and optimise value-for-money

Champion your organisation’s reputation

About Us

Peter Weston

Principal Consultant and co-founder

Peter is the international development sector brains of K4Dev. He provides and coordinates the aid and development expertise, consultant networks and service delivery to clients. Peter is an evaluation expert with 20 years’ experience in international aid and development. His last seven years have focused on research and evaluation of diverse government-funded NGO grant projects in East and West Africa and the Pacific. Peter has worked and excelled on all sides of aid programming: leading and commissioning evaluations as well as managing aid programmes directly. Peter is also an experienced trainer of evaluators, proposal and project design writer, and manager of MEAL departments. In addition to being a professional who delivers excellence, he is a ‘true-believer’. Peter is committed to eliminating vulnerability and poverty by providing aid organisations the highest standards of evidence to inform their community development and advocacy.

Jenny Weston

Business Manager and co-founder

Jenny is the managerial brains of the agency. She oversees the long-term and day-to-day organisation of the operation, including finance, recruitment, contract management and administration. Jenny’s eye for detail ensures nothing goes out until it meets the high standard of quality and consistency that we strive for at K4Dev. She is a firm believer that communication is key to successful business relationships. When Peter is ‘out of country’ working in remote locations, Jenny will follow through with clients and associates to ensure things are keeping to schedule. Prior to founding K4Dev, Jenny spent 17 years in administration, marketing and management in the manufacturing import/export sector.


Peter and World Vision Solomon Islands staff

Project evaluations: Baseline studies, mid-term reviews, end-of-project evaluations, targeted studies, and value-for-money/social return on investment analysis
Training of staff on evaluation skills and development themes
Design and coordination of disaster impact assessments
Writing of grant proposals
Facilitation and writing of development-related reports


Girl demonstrating tippy-tap at school in Solomon Islands

Disaster Risk Reduction
Climate Change Adaptation
Livelihoods and local economic development
Emergency Rapid Response
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Behaviour Change Communication

Global Reach

Hands together in a circle

K4Dev commands a global network of evaluation and development specialist consultants. If we cannot provide you with top-level expertise in your field from our own staff, we will sequester the right skills from our associates, without additional cost burdens.

Evaluations and Publications

Community Driven Nutrition Improvement Project – End of Project Evaluation

CRS Timor-Leste
(Current: May-August 2018). Consultant: Peter

National Health Programme – Mid-term Evaluation

Medair Iraq
(Current: March-May 2018). Consultant: Peter

Nepal Earthquake Response, Rehabilitation Phase – Final Evaluation

World Vision International Nepal
(Current: February-May 2018). Consultant: David

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) Online Training

(Lesotho and Swaziland)
World Vision International/Australia – FMNR Hub
(November 2017-February 2018). Consultant: Peter

Inclusive Governance for Effective Disaster Risk Reduction – Nepal

(Curriculum development guidance and lecture presenter). University of Queensland – International Development
(January-February 2018). Consultant: Peter

ANCP Financial Literacy and Inclusion Project Design Document Write-Up

World Vision Papua New Guinea
(January-February 2018). Consultant: Daniela

Annual Child Wellbeing Report

World Vision Pacific and Timor-Leste
(December 2017 -January 2018). Consultant: Daniela

World Vision Nepal Earthquake Response Evaluation reports

World Vision International Nepal
(November-December 2017) Consultant: Mary

Government Grant Management Manual

(an interactive, web-based engagement for field offices). World Vision Australia
(Current: July 2017-February 2018) Consultant: Peter

Introduction to Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration, e-Learning course (facilitation)

(for international development field practitioners). World Vision International eCampus
(July-November 2017) Consultants: Peter and Soheila (World Vision Australia)


Prior to 2017



Here’s what others are saying:

WV PNG recruited Peter to help us conduct four key end-of-project evaluations. As part of this process we requested that Peter help us strengthen the Evaluation capacity of our team and that he takes them on the journey with him. Peter conducted two highly informative workshops and has ensured the project staff learned and benefited professionally from the entire evaluation process. He has also been extremely flexible throughout the evaluations and was very nimble in adapting data collection to rapidly changing circumstances and unexpected barriers, which often occur in Papua New Guinea and some of our more remote project locations. I have no hesitation to recommend Peter.

– Clynton Beukes
Program Quality Manager

World Vision Papua New Guinea

Relationships: During all periods that I worked with Peter Weston in Senegal, as program manager and then as a regional manager, he demonstrated very respectful, frank and very rich relations with staff and communities. The staff and communities who know him still hold good memories of him.
Expertise: Peter is an expert in resilience and climate adaptation. The proof is that, with his guidance, in Senegal, we were able to initiate and extend projects in Farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR) in the dryland region of Kaffrine. Since then, the extension of the FMNR has continued to grow successfully, enabling World Vision Senegal to be chosen over all other development and agriculture NGOs for the implementation of the European-Union-funded Evergreen Agriculture Scaling-up project:2017 – 2021. In evaluations, Peter was highly organised and collaborative. His evaluations produced insightful findings and recommendations to improve our work.
Communication: Often in Senegal, program staff have challenges in communicating with foreign advisers because in most cases they only speak English. However, Peter Weston’s ability to speak and write French allowed him to easily share his experience with operational staff and villages leaders and also learn from them.

– Dr. Charles Bakhoum
Resilience & Livelihoods Advisor

West Africa Regional Office, Senegal, World Vision International

I highly recommend Peter Weston. I have been impressed by Peter’ ability to combine methodological rigour with a deep awareness of pragmatic and contextual issues to produce responsive, reliable, insightful evaluations. Peter not only knows what to do when conducting high quality evaluations, he also knows why and how to do it and so can deftly adapt to changing circumstances to produce meaningful results. Peter works well at both strategic and operational levels to design thoughtful, useful evaluations, and deliver them effectively, working productively and respectfully with local staff.

– Dr Tari Turner
Senior Research Follow

School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University

Being part of the evidence and evaluations training facilitated by Peter was not only helpful but also very informative. The topics were easy to understand and can be applied in any context. As a Technical Program Coordinator, the sessions and different topics taught were complementary. There were daily recaps of the topics and practical examples given which enabled the team to practise, reflect, and apply in their work following the workshop. I am confident in his expertise in the field of monitoring and evaluation and would definitely recommend for other opportunities.”

– Jeanette Selep
Maternal, Newborn & Child Health and Nutrition National Coordinator

World Vision Papua New Guinea

Peter possesses high level skills in monitoring and evaluation and, over the course of the work we did together, Peter demonstrated a highly sophisticated understanding of research monitoring and evaluation in complex settings. Peter possesses excellent communication skills and he is a very amicable person to work with. This, coupled with his high moral and professional standards, enables important work to be done in a productive and efficient way. Peter has worked in a range of development settings and has gathered a repertoire of skills and experience that enable him to provide tailored and appropriate support for monitoring and evaluating development projects. His approach is grounded in a fundamental understanding of humanitarian work and the complexities of working across agencies, settings, geographical locations, logistics and languages. He does this with an approach that is sensitive to cultural protocols. Peter possesses a rare combination of experience, excellent professional skills and a friendly personality. I would recommend him to any organisation seeking a person of integrity and strong capability.

– Dr Libby Lee-Hammond
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

Murdoch University, Western Australia

Peter has consistently provided the highest value on evaluations. His extraordinary technical knowledge is complemented by many years of practical experience, and he combines the two for a thorough consideration of all the relevant aspects when evaluating projects. I have seen him adapt his style and approach to multiple different contexts, and in each, he develops a professional rapport with colleagues, and leads a process that ensures all staff and participants are fully engaged, and learn from the process as much as from the outcomes. Peter’s genuine interest in ongoing learning, and in building an ever-growing body of knowledge in climate change and resilience, means that he consistently examines data in thorough detail, and finds insights that have eluded the rest of us– he is meticulous in planning and documentation, he goes above and beyond the responsibilities of each evaluation and his results are always of the highest quality. I have also admired Peter’s particular dedication to ensuring the opinions of all stakeholders are included in evaluations, especially those who are often overlooked, like women and children.

– Kate Horwood
International Programs Manager

Plan International Australia